A Little Empathy changed Divyanshu’s Life

“Misery turns into devastation when the poverty becomes the reason for losing life.” Munendra Kumar and Lakshmi Devi are parents to the only son Divyanshu. When Divyanshu was born, it was a blessing for both parents. However with this blessing, also came an unknown circumstance. Divyanshu’s body used to turn blue in colour whenever he

Fear is a prison but Hope is Freedom

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” -Oscar Wilde In today’s world, the essence of love, compassion and charity are of greatest importance. There are many people around us who have the means and resources and want to help in order to create a better world for others.   Especially,

Rohit Got Success -10 Jan,2017

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”  – Charles Dickens This quote by Charles Dickens very well explains that how much we need each other’s as humans, and how useful we can be for each other. We at DGF walk on a similar road by making us useful and

Together For A Cause – Bhavisye

TOGETHER FOR A CAUSE Our Dream Girl Foundation is meant to help underprivileged one’s who are financially weak and don’t have access to any facility. Our Organization is created for this noble cause and the members of our team work selflessly day and night to help poor people. This is due to immense efforts and

Saved a Life of Tanvi!

This was the story of Tanvi, one of several other real-life ordeals which we come across every other day but choose to ignore, and often forget to help the NGO, even if they require a not-so-hefty sum of donations.However, over here we have a choice, a choice to save Tanvi’s life or to let her

Successful Surgery of Kashish

Like every father does, Abhishek Gupta also thought her daughter will match up the height what he wants to achieve. He wants his child to live up his life. But soon his all dreams and wishes come to an end when huge outflow vanishes them and there is no one to hold up his dreams.

You supported ‘Sangam’

“You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough.” We must have heard this quote in our ro utine life. But seriously, meaning of this quote really in existence for people like Desh Raj – A parent whose young 13 year old son is fighting for his survival. A boy of

We together Gifted A Life To ‘Madan’

Over a period of time, human has understood every aspect of his surrounding i.e. how to live a comfortable life with all the effortlessness encircling his every task but a fraction of people have the fortune to experience the same & even there fraction contribute to increase the total number of that fortunate people. Dream

Preeti gets your Help!

We eat every day, we walk every day, as we grow learn to express pain, happiness & every face our heart.But if we envisage our life without anyone of the daily doing that could be worst nightmare we have ever come across. Just a single thought can do this to our outlook What if, someone