Help Nisha win her battle against a life-threatening Tumor

Nisha Yadav, aged 8 is a young girl from Todapur village in Delhi. When most of the kids of her age are busy leading a playful and adventurous life, Nisha is busy fighting her battle against a cancerous tumor in her stomach, finding it difficult to even perform her day to day activities.

The girl was initially diagnosed and treated for a stomach infection at Sir Gangaram hospital which further increased and was later identified as a life-threatening tumor. She has undergone 4 chemotherapy sessions followed by an operation followed by four more chemo sessions. She also needs to undergo 4 more chemo sessions which is going to cost a hefty amount of 6-8 lakhs.

Nisha’s family is finding it difficult to arrange funds to aid their daughter’s treatment. Her mother works as maid with the with a contactor at Sir Gangaram hospital and initial stages of the treatment was funded by the hospital authority at much subsidized rate wherein, the family paid only 3 Lakhs. Nisha’s father, who worked as a packaging laborer, is currently jobless due to firm circumstances. This indeed is a moment of great emotional and financial crisis for the family since they are finding it nearly impossible to arrange the funds for treatment and cannot bear to see their daughter suffering anymore.

The only ray of hope that the family sees now is some sort of monetary support from the community and non-governmental organization.

On the behalf of Nisha and her family the Dream Girl Foundation, requests all the readers to kindly donate to the campaign to save a life.

Estimate Certificate issued by Sir GangaRam Hospital

Estimate Certificate