Saved a Life of Tanvi!

This was the story of Tanvi, one of several other real-life ordeals which we come across every other day but choose to ignore, and often forget to help the NGO, even if they require a not-so-hefty sum of donations.However, over here we have a choice, a choice to save Tanvi’s life or to let her leave this world without even blooming.

Tanvi was born with a certain abnormality due to which she used to cry a lot to a point where her skin would go blue. Her father Himanshu Kumar, a simple and humble man belonging to a lower middle class was concerned from the beginning as any father would be for his daughter. As it goes, Tanvi’s father took her to several doctors and did whatever was in his vicinity for his daughter.

At last the problem was identified much to the relief of Mr. Himanshu. The results of most of the tests revealed that Tanvi had a hole in her heart. On further inspection another problemwas identified that near her heart there is a two nerve joint, and this further complicated her condition by giving her breathing problems and less oxygen absorption. The doctors referred Tanvi to Patna and eventually she was referred to AIIMS, New Delhi.Unfortunately the cure requires a sum of Rs.52, 000 for the operation which is impossible for her father to arrange, considering he works as a labor in day to day jobs and his maximum earning is not more than RS. 3000!!!!

Dream Girl foundation wanted to help Tanvi to live a happy and healthy life, and this would not be possible without your support and help. She is just like our own daughter, sister and anyone of us can face this situation. Our Donors had  Join hands with us, saved a life and help our NGO in saving Tanvi’s life. Within 30 days we had successfully submitted the required amount to AIIMS Hospital and now she is recovering very well.


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All The updates shall be provided to you regarding Tanvi’s health on this in future also..


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