You supported ‘Sangam’

“You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough.” We must have heard this quote in our ro utine life. But seriously, meaning of this quote really in existence for people like Desh Raj – A parent whose young 13 year old son is fighting for his survival.

A boy of contractual labor from uttar pradesh whose suddenly come across this sevior disease by a abnormal headache. Doctors of AIIMS describe it as a malfunction of gland in brain. Awful situation of his father leads their family in painful dilemma. Having a six member family arranging there basic needs is a its self a breath taking taskfor a labor in today scenario. He has no other option to give up all hopes when he come across the total of 2.50 lakhs is requirement of AIIMS hospital for his case.

Then desh raj come across one of the volunteer of DREAM GIRL FOUNDATION in AIIMS who was there for his earlier case of Madan Dream Girl Foundation considered this case as a another chance for making his name worth.

A total of 2.50 lakhs is huge indeed but we know that there are people in this world who know that giving life to other is the actual ways of living life. With the hope of same ‘DREAM GIRL FOUNDATION’ have submitted the required amount of surgery to AIIMS to provide him a tool to rewrite his own destiny by giving him another chance to live.


UPDATE : Due to having no vacant Bed in the Nuero Department of AIIMS Hospital, On 28th June,2015 after many delayed Sangam had been successfully operated in AIIMS with EMBOLIZATION and doctor declare the operation successful and now Sangam is able to retain his memory and can walk & Talk normally as a normal Child. For This, the Parent of Sangam thanks Dream Girl Foundation & its Donors by saying ” Aap Humari bache ki zindagi me Bhagwan Bankar aaye ho” means that you have come to our life as a God.After Operation Smile Faces of Sangam & His Father



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