A hole in your pocket that wouldn’t hurt

A hole in your pocket that wouldn’t hurt

The only permanent thing about life is that it goes on. For some born with a silver spoon in their mouth, it is easy and subtle while it can be very challenging for a few who were born in families that cannot even afford two meals a day.

Today we are talking about Aman Khan who was 1.5 years old and his father is a construction labor residing at Uttam Nagar, Delhi. Life was normal and bread was dear until they realized they had a yet new problem facing them.  After 6 months of Aman’s birth, his parents figured that he was having trouble breathing and therefore, the family rushed immediately to nearest local government hospital ‘Ram Manohar Lohiya’ for treatment. Doctors examined the condition of Aman and declared that he had a hole in his heart and referred them to AIIMS, New Delhi for treatment.

On visiting AIIMS when the parents consulted the doctors and after various tests they confirmed the disease and told them the expense of treatment is Rs.55,000. Lack of funds with Aman’s family resulted in him being unable to get the treatment and continue with their  life.

Then one day they found out that Aman is unable to move his one hand and leg. On visiting AIIMS again, the doctors told them that this was due to hole in Aman’s heart and that matters had got worse. He is paralysed and needs treatment for the hole in his heart and also, regular exercise to improve his condition.

We at Dream Girl Foundation had taken up Aman’s cause and were trying to gather money so that he can undergo his operation. And with the wish of God we successfully raised the money and submitted to AIIMS for treatment. On 28th July,2015 Aman Khan is successfully operated at AIIMS and now recovering fast as per the doctors.


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