Independence Day with NGO

Independence Day Celebration

Our Hearty invitation for this Independence Day


When the date 15th August comes, our hearts fill with excitement and joy, because this was the day when our country got its freedom back.

For citizens of a country nothing is more important than their country’s Independence Day, in this day of excitement and happiness, we can cherish some special bond with little children, it is a great occasionto share the interesting story of people’s sacrifices in order to get freedom, with them, so they can get some knowledge and make those people their ideals as well as can develop patriotic feeling in their hearts.

Our NGO Dream girl Foundation have taken this initiative to organize a function at our education centre for Underprivileged children, so they can enjoy this day of independence with happiness and can also participate in different activities.

We would like to invite everyone in this occasion because, your valuable presence can make this occasion more live and children will become happy if they will spend time with you, and in return you will get invaluable pleasure of self- satisfaction and your Independence Day cannot be more pleasurable than that.

So, help us with your presence to celebrate this Independence Day with people who need such happiness the most.

Independence Day with NGO

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