Let’s celebrate Diwali differently this year?

Diwali apart from being a festival of light’s is also a festival for lighting up the lives of the people. While a lot of people were revelling in the Diwali celebrations, I was driving through the roads of Delhi, to spend my day and celebrate Diwali in a completely different manner. I had no clue how my day was going to be, the only thought I had was that I am going to celebrate Diwali by doing something good for the society instead of bursting crackers. The moment I reached this beautiful venue, I was greeted with charming smiles, bear hugs, and a truck full of energy.

The aim of every person in their life shouldn’t be all about earning money or materialistic happiness, giving back to society will give you unmatchable satisfaction. One should not neglect their responsibilities towards their community as they grow.

The reason why I decided to celebrate Diwali at an NGO was that I always wanted to give back to the society, and the best way of doing this is to make the children feel happy who don’t have the luxury to afford the things which we take for granted.

Entering a place like an NGO is going to make you feel calm and surreal, plus it will make you feel as if you are one of the most blessed humans on earth because you have got what these kids don’t have

Everything was so surreal that I felt at home! Trust me when I say this spending time in an NGO you are going enjoy little things in life, and bringing smiles onto the face of little ones is a feeling that you are not going to forget.

The way they see you while you are showering them with gifts is so heart touching that you feel like spending eternity with them. The experience of doing social work is unbeatable.

You can play games instead of bursting crackers played!

So, you can spend this Diwali by playing with kids and bringing smiles on their face instead of bursting crackers and creating pollution. You can have Rangoli competitions, have antakshris, dance parties, etc. etc.

Now the reason behind playing these collective games is that they feel validated. They think that someone is looking out for us and is trying to bring us together. The kids feel like they are needed and loved, even though it will be an hour or three kinds of a moment, but for them, it’s going to stay forever.

A lot of kids in the NGO are rescued or are picked up from unimaginable places. Some of these kids have experienced incredible things. Just a small gesture like a smile or even a hug can lighten them up. Think about it?                              

Let’s have sweets and gifts, shall we?

By the time you are done with games, you would need the energy to continue for the day. By now, the environment of the NGO would be completely different, and everywhere you will see kids giggling or running around here and there.

It’s better to end the day on a sweet note. So you can distribute sweets, have a meal with kids and make this Diwali the best one for them. Plus whats Diwali if you are not giving out gifts? You can give a small token of love and trust me the little ones are going to cherish this forever and remember you for their rest of the lives.

Selfies and goodbye hugs, plus who doesn’t like pecks on their cheeks by kids?

Remember a hug from your loved when you were young would brighten up your day? Or a peck on the cheek from your mom would make you feel loved? Saying goodbyes, by giving hugs is the best thing you can do. The feel of warmth is going to stay with you forever! Also, who doesn’t like to click selfies? Click selfies with them say goodbyes in a happier note. Not only you would make their day, but you are going to enjoy everything yourself too.

In the end, I would like to say! KarkeDekho! Achalagtahai !!

– Written by Shagun Azad